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Mary Sunshine

Response from Viroqua High School Principal, Bill

I am the principal at Viroqua High School. We are currently doing a musical this fall called " Little Mary Sunshine". It has not been past practice for the principal to see what musical is chosen before hand. I assure you that policy has changed. I would also like you to know that we feel badly that things have gotten to this point and we have made some efforts. This play will not continue if it can not be done in a way that is not racist. We have contacted a couple of organizations and one of them, the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse Native American Student Association, has agreed to talk to us about the problems in this play. They are a university that is close to us and they originally brought this issue to our school board. They will not however commit to working with us because they feel that they can not "fix" this play, and do not want their name as endorsing this. After this meeting we will then make a decision as to if the play can continue. At the same time we are staying in contact with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. I do appreciate all of the phone calls and e-mails. If we all continue to work at issues like this around the nation we will be a better nation! I assure you Viroqua High School and myself will not support a racist play.


Bill's solution was to have to play go on outside of the High School. The play is scheduled for November 14 through the 16th at the Temple Theatre.

If you're not satisfied with this solution, you can contact the District Administator, David S. Johnston at 701 Education Ave in Viroqua, WI 54664
telephone: (608) 637-1187

Or State Senator Gwendolynne Moore (D-Milwaukee)

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